GOP Principle

I have been re-reading the Dune series lately, and I found a quote in Children of Dune that sums up the current GOP’s basic operating principle: “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom … More GOP Principle

What to do about Russia…

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, with the likely expectation that they would secure the capitol within days. Nearly six weeks later, the Russians have lost some of their initial gains. They have expanded territorial gains in the east beyond the areas where they previously controlled through separatists proxies, but have not made significant progress … More What to do about Russia…

Dropping the Masks

Most of the masking requirements are being reduced or dropped across the US now. It seems appropriate given that we are lower than when we began our most recent omicron/delta surge, but the current low is still higher than most of the first year of COVID in terms of new cases. Deaths remain fairly well … More Dropping the Masks

Treason Summit?

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
It seems that “a lot of people are saying” that Trump is a traitor, and that his actions in Helsinki (and prior) constitute treason. That’s quite a statement. How well does it hold up? Well, here are some definitions: Merriam Webster definition of traitor: (1) one who…

Inflated Thoughts

You’ve probably heard, inflation is pretty high right now. You’ve probably also heard a lot of blame-throwing about whose fault it is that inflation is high. My opinion on this is not an expert opinion; it’s barely an informed opinion. I have an opinion nonetheless. First, let me point you to where I got a … More Inflated Thoughts

Spotify’s Values?

Spotify’s CEO recently gave a speech to employees regarding Spotify’s position on hosting the Joe Rogan Experience, especially given that many employees feel personally offended by Joe Rogan’s comments in his podcasts. Here is a link to the full text. I feel like covering a couple of elements. Selected quotes and my thoughts follow: “It … More Spotify’s Values?

Green Book

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
Once upon a time, there was a book published by Victor Green that served to advise black people in the segregated USA where they could safely travel and how they ought to conduct themselves in order to avoid problems (like being lynched). This NBC piece, The ‘Green…

Stupid SOB

Yesterday, President Biden called Peter Doocy a stupid son-of-a-bitch; not directly, but in a “hot mic” moment. My opinion is that this is more of an observation than an insult, but in any case it was an indecorous comment that was unbecoming of the President of the United States. President Biden later called Doocy to … More Stupid SOB