School Shootings

CNN reports that today’s shooting in Florida in the fourth shooting at middle or high schools in the US in calendar year 2018. We aren’t even two months in to the year yet. The most recent count I have seen is 17 dead. I don’t generally prefer to cite Wikipedia, but their link to school … More School Shootings

State of the Union

President Trump gave the State of the Union address last night, summing up his first year. It was, predictably, full of exaggerations and outright lies. Even many of the true statements require additional context, which makes the somewhat misleading. Here’s a link to Politifact’s fact check of the address. Here’s a link to a transcript … More State of the Union


I think everyone is probably tracking the President’s awful comments about immigration from “shithole” countries by now. The defense from the White House might be even more offensive. The notion that immigration programs harm us economically or provide an easy avenue for terrorist infiltration have no merit. These are blatant lies. While Trump’s administration labels … More Sh!thole

Stable Genius!!!

What is a genius? Let’s ask Merriam-Webster: plural geniuses or genii play \ˈjē-nē-ˌī\ 1 a plural genii : an attendant spirit of a person or place b plural usually genii : a person who influences another for good or bad He has been accused of being his brother’s evil genius. 2 : a strong leaning … More Stable Genius!!!

The Bigger Button

I really don’t even know what to say about this: This is beneath the office of the Presidency. It is utterly ridiculous that a head of state is making “mine is bigger than yours” comparisons with another head of state. Aside from the absurdity of the comment in general (though unsurprising from a man that … More The Bigger Button

Happy New Year!

Who does New Year’s resolutions? It’s not normally my thing, but in 2018 I resolve to continue to: – Advocate for civil rights and civil liberties for the LGBTQ community, religious minorities, racial and ethnic minorities, women, immigrants, and any other group being disenfranchised. – Back law enforcement personnel, but call for strict accountability for … More Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate – and even if your celebration isn’t today – I hope you’re having a wonderful day today. Between the end of November and the beginning of January there are about 14 different celebrations from religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Wicca, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism, to name a few. Traditions generally focus … More Happy Holidays!