Memorial Day 2023

For Memorial Day, remembering the fallen with whom I served: LT Terri S. Fussner LT Wayne F. Roberts PO2 Jason E. Lawson SSG Joseph R. Ray SGT Joshua L. Hill SGT Anton J. Hiett SGT Kevin D. Akins SGT Jeffery S. Wiekamp CW3 Eric W. Totten SPC David N. Timmons Jr. SPC Justin L. Odonohoe … More Memorial Day 2023

Late thoughts on tucker carlson

You might recall that tucker carlson was recently (last month) fired from fox news. His firing came after fox paid a large settlement in a suit related to their election disinformation (specifically Dominion’s defamation suit), but the firing is likely related to other information unearthed during discovery rather than tucker’s promulgation of election lies. It … More Late thoughts on tucker carlson

Banking Crisis?

I just read an email newsletter from Insider that included the following: “Billionaire investor Bill Ackman said that banks across the US will be under threat unless regulators move to insure all deposits. In his view, the entire regional banking sector will remain at risk until the FDIC steps up its insurance regime. ‘We are running out of … More Banking Crisis?

GOP Principle

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
I have been re-reading the Dune series lately, and I found a quote in Children of Dune that sums up the current GOP’s basic operating principle: “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am…

The Gun Violence Never Ends

If we re-published this after every mass shooting, we might be publishing it multiple times a day. The recent school shooting in Nashville has sparked renewed calls for action, which are being actively ignored by republicans. They will always put the firearm industry’s profits ahead of people. There is also the typical right-wing bullshit, about … More The Gun Violence Never Ends

What did you expect when you voted for chaos agents?

Well, here we are. Eleven votes and no speaker. Even as mccarthy makes multiple unreasonable concessions to the most absurdly disruptive and juvenile members of his party, he can’t get any closer to the 218 he needs. But what did anyone expect? These sophomoric imbeciles ran and were elected on their petulance and bottomless, undefined … More What did you expect when you voted for chaos agents?

Giving Season

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US. If you were among the many that were able to stuff themselves with more food than ever should be consumed in one sitting and still have leftovers, congratulations. But, many more aren’t that fortunate. As temperatures drop, those less fortunate more desperately need some assistance. If you have the … More Giving Season

It’s Veterans’ Day

Veterans Day used to be Armistice Day, celebrating the end of World War I. It wouldn’t become a national holiday until 1938. Veterans Day in its current incarnation is meant primarily to celebrate living former service members. Memorial Day emphasizes the fallen, and Armed Forces Day emphasizes those currently serving. Veterans Day is also a … More It’s Veterans’ Day