The Next Step In Criminal Justice Reform: The Anti-Prison Profiteering Act

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Barack Obama was fond of reminding his talented, young, energetic, enthusiastic and idealistic staff members that “Better is good.”  He made a habit of doing so because quite often the incremental solutions that the administration was able to get through the broken machinery of D.C. politics seemed far too mild…

The Mueller Report

As of this writing, the full report from Special Counsel Mueller. We do have a letter from Attorney General Barr. There is lots of discussion and analysis – as well as both celebration and despondency – over Barr’s letter. Here are some things to consider. Barr’s letter does not provide an exoneration of the President, … More The Mueller Report

Electoral College

The discussion over the electoral college has been reinvigorated with Elizabeth Warren coming out in opposition to it. I’ll plagiarize myself below with my thoughts on the EC overall. In short, I don’t see a need for it, and I am not persuaded by the arguments in favor of keeping it. However, none of that … More Electoral College

Bob Mueller Is Coming & He Doesn’t Give A F*ck What Anybody Thinks (Strong Language)

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I’ve said it in this space many times before but it bears repeating for purposes of this discussion: I listen to a great deal of right-wing talk radio.  Because I am actively engaged in political discourse I have to know what is being said by the opposition opinion makers in…

America, the Delusional

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Americans have every reason in the world to be clear-eyed about what is happening to us right now.  We know how this “world domination” thing usually turns out- and we’ve been riding it hard since the end of World War II.  Eventually, it always comes to an end.  We know…