I know you are but what am I, Snowflake?

It has been simultaneously bewildering and disappointing to see how effectively school-yard taunts have been employed as political arguments. Trump employed this tactic throughout his campaign, with obvious success. If someone suggested he wasn’t qualified, he said they weren’t qualified. If someone questioned his temperament, he said their temperament was bad. If someone suggested he … More I know you are but what am I, Snowflake?

Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Last evening I watched the movie “Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  In the film, 12 alien spacecraft mysteriously appear on Earth at various locations including the United States, Russia, the ocean off the coast of China, Sudan, Pakistan, Denmark, Japan, Sierra-Leone, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  I have always been … More Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Confirmation Bias

We’ve heard a great deal about fake news in the last 18 months. One would think that “news” that was obviously fake would not survive long in the information age, but instead it seems to thrive. The hoax-checking site Snopes – which has itself been attacked (or satired, I supposed) by fake news sites – … More Confirmation Bias

Foreign Policy on Trump and the “Deep State”

I’d like to share this piece from Foreign Policy – “Trump is Showing how the Deep State Really Works” – that details how information related to Mike Flynn’s calls came to be public, and the implication with regard to when the White House knew and how they chose to handle the news. This does not … More Foreign Policy on Trump and the “Deep State”

The Trump Brand

There is a growing list of retail outlets that are choosing to no longer carry Trump brand products, or in some cases no choosing to promote the brand. In this case we’re speaking to Ivanka Trump’s products. The President has unsurprisingly been very vocal about the lines choosing to part ways with his daughter’s products, … More The Trump Brand

Right Said Ed

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
Edward Snowden would like to come back to the US, but he is only willing to do so if he feels he will get a fair trial. I’m honestly unsure why he believes he would not get a fair trial; it is, after all, an enumerated right.…