Rehashing Coups and Illegal Orders

Retired General McCaffrey expressed concern that Trump may attempt to employ the military to stay in office despite the election results. The recent firings and subsequent installation of loyalists in key Pentagon positions lends some credibility to this fear. Such an order would be illegal, especially once votes are certified and the electors have voted. … More Rehashing Coups and Illegal Orders

Veterans Day 2020

Zooming around between restaurants to get free meals is no longer on the agenda for Veterans Day thanks to COVID. I’m sure you can still catch some online sales. What better way to celebrate military service than with savings??? Anyway, to all y’all veterans that were in war or whatever, have a great day!!


We’ve been prone to political hyperbole in the 21st century, so terms like traitor and treason and fascist and coup have started to lose their impact. That has had the unfortunate effect of people dismissing warnings of the rise of fascism and authoritarianism as a part of Trumpian politics, and why people may be a … More Coup?