Things are getting out of hand…

daaahElection season is almost over. Thank goodness. It’s getting pretty ridiculous right about now. We’ve had incitements to violence; a kerfuffle over walking pneumonia; foreign policy platforms that call for torture, murder of non-combatants, and refusing help to those most in need; domestic policy calling for failed law-enforcement programs that target minorities; bizarre apples-to-oranges comparisons between the two main candidates; a scandal about a candidate not committing a crime; active downplay of sexual assault; concerns over post-election violence; a reinvigoration of the e-mail discussion based on unrelated e-mails; and now an apparent effort from within the FBI to torpedo one candidate’s campaign with baseless claims. And that’s just in the last nine weeks! (It’s also far from an all-inclusive list of crazy things occurring or being alleged to have occurred.)

Fortunately, we’re almost done. Despite the recent non-scandal scandals being thrown at the Clinton campaign, it still seems probably that she will be the winner. Hopefully that won’t prompt anyone to take up arms, though it seems some are preparing. Perhaps we can pay some attention in the few remaining days to some of the positive trends we have seen in the last couple of years and even in the last few months with regard to jobs, wages, and the economy, and also pay attention to the negative impact on markets that fear of a Trump presidency is causing, and realize that a major shake-up isn’t really what this country needs.

Either way, we’ll be done with this election season in just a few days. Whatever the outcome, let’s all try to keep our wits about us and work together post-election to put the appropriate policies in place. I certainly believe one candidate will be better for the country that the other, and not by a narrow margin, but even if my favorite doesn’t win I still have to do what I can to help out wherever and however I can. After all, we’re all in this together. I believe it will be difficult to overcome the divisive atmosphere that has developed regardless of the outcome, but we have to make the effort.

At the very least, please don’t shoot anybody if your candidate doesn’t win. That won’t be helpful.