Why Trump?

There’s so much to write about right now. I’d like to go into the electoral college a bit (thought that’s more history than opining opportunity), and I’d like to put something together about motivations of Trump supporters, and some of the post-elections problems that are already cropping up. Plus, I have a running list of non-political things that I might like to get to now that campaigning is over. All of these require more time than I have right now. Luckily, lots of other people are writing as well. Tonight I’ll share a piece that I found very interesting, published by Disabled Brown Female and titled “Election 2016: The Revenge of the Forgotten People.” A brief excerpt:

“To this voter, terms like “white privilege”, “mansplaining,” and “cisgender” must sound like a cruel cosmic joke… Twenty years of being told they are the demographic most likely to succeed, whilst being increasingly left behind in an economy run by urban elites, has taken its toll. In addition, constantly being reminded that they are privileged, may have been the last straw… In their cosy urban apartments, the US political elites mistakenly thought this election was primarily about identity politics… Groups that were repeatedly vilified or denigrated by Trump during the election did not turn away to the extent elites had expected. Which suggests other drivers were at play.”

This article provides an idea as to what might motivate the resentment, and even hate, that drove many people to throw their support to Trump – quite likely at their own economic expense. Please enjoy.