Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day – originally Armistice Day – celebrates those who have served in the uniform service. That’s very nice, and we appreciate it! I notice that other jobs don’t tend to get their own national holidays, so on this Veterans Day let’s take a moment to celebrate everyone who serves their country, even if not as a military member. Such as:

Federal civilians, in all departments and agencies.

State and local government employees.

Police, firefighters, and park rangers.

Physicians, paramedics, and EMTs.

Sanitation workers.

Pilots, attorneys, CEOs, directors, and managers at private firms.

Teachers and librarians.

Entertainers, artists, and writers.

Logistics workers (truck, rail, sea, or air), farmers, and grocers.

Software developers and IT professionals.

Manufacturing, sales, and retail workers.

Farmers, miners, and oil workers.

Food service workers.

And, anyone who has ever done anything productive that helped anyone else out…

Thank you for your service!!

There is no single profession or effort that is more significant than any other. We all do our part to help keep things moving and, hopefully, improving. Even if you don’t get a holiday, you deserve respect for the effort you put forth. So thanks!