Black and White

It has been a recurring theme here to discuss something about social equity and race or ethnicity. The title suggests another post along the same lines, but it isn’t. This is about art. And it isn’t really all that much about art, since I don’t have any particular expertise in art; it’s mostly for me to show this picture that I found:


My oldest daughter is homeschooled, and is following an art curriculum this year that is focused on black and white techniques. Over the last few months she has been learning and practicing principles of how to create depth and substance using shading while avoiding hard outlines. I am admittedly not an expert or even a serious art hobbyist, but my daughter was surprised to learn that her father might actually know a little bit about how to make an image appear without hard lines.(Yes, I created that picture. It’s charcoal, and was itself an exercise in creating depth with three tones from a college art class back in 19…. nunya. If it looks incomplete, that’s because it is. It’s hardly a masterpiece, but ok for an amateur.)

Her technique has been improving a great deal. With her permission, I may share some in the future, just to break up the seriousness of this blog site. And, if I find anything else from my younger days that doesn’t suck entirely, I might share that as well.