Another fine cabinet pick for Trump, billionaire Vincent Viola is the nominee for Secretary of the Army. Before he became an electronic stock trading billionaire and hockey team owner, he was an actual Army Officer, and even a Ranger School graduate! He was a West Point Graduate… In 1977. But how much has really changed since then? Besides, he progressed all the way to Major… In the Army Reserves. But we all know the reserves and the regular Army are pretty much the same. Besides, Viola has stayed involved with the military, especially after 9-11… Funding things.
In all fairness, he does have some military experience, even if a bit dated. And while the Army isn’t really a “fortune 10 company” as described by the Trump team, there are certainly corollaries in terms of business process that can transition into managing resources for a government organization. But, does he actually understand the current threats and priorities of the Army well enough to advocate for the right resources? Does he have business interests that might affect the direction he tries to take the service?
Mr. Trump may be relying too heavily on billionaires instead of people with relevant government experience. Viola is definitely not the worst pick out of all of Trump’s cabinet nominees, but he’s far from the best available for the role of Army Secretary.