It’s Really Happening…

Tomorrow Donald J. Trump will swear in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

There is no reason he will behave an differently as the official head of state than he has up to now.

It is unfortunate that he does not appear to take the role more seriously. His tweets can impact global markets, policies, and even alliances. His short-sighted trade and tariff policies could cost us jobs and lead to trade wars with economic competitors and partners alike. Hid domestic fiscal policies could cause increased deficits and debt, widen the wage gap, and directly benefit his small circle of cronies (many of whom are being installed to key cabinet positions despite having no credentials indicating suitability for their respective positions), while slashing programs to help our moist vulnerable citizens. He and many of his cabinet picks are walking into their jobs with yuuuuge conflict of interest issues. He has fomented racist, misogynist, and otherwise bigoted rhetoric and advocated foreign and domestic policies that target minorities of all stripes. Let’s not forget his advocacy for routine employment of war crimes as well.

He doesn’t see,to have chosen to surround himself with opposing views, either. With the exception of GEN(R) Mattis, none of his crew of billionaire sycophants seem inclined to guide him away from any of his policy abysses.

Assuming his conflicts of interest don’t lead to impeachment in the first two years, the next four will require vigilance. We should not necessarily root for wholesale obstruction, but attacks on civil rights and civil liberties must not be tolerated. Gutting of programs to help those most in need, programs for education, and environmental protections must be resisted. Economic policies that favor the extraordinarily wealthy and harm the poor must be countered with sensible legislative efforts.

Trump has made it clear that he is not concerned with any of the citizenry that does not fully support his plans, so we can’t expect to convince him. I don’t mean we shouldn’t try, but we have to focus our efforts primarily on legislators. There are enough sensible Republicans that we ought to be able to avoid some of the more profoundly ridiculous legislative efforts that Trump has proposed. And, we need to make sure our legislators are prepared to reign Trump in when he attempts to overstep his authority, as he has already proudly proclaimed that he will (likely because he doesn’t actually understand the limitations on executive power).

So… Don’t panic, but prepare. Learn who your representatives are and CALL THEM. (Calling is far more effective than any otehr method for getting their attention.) And most importantly – VOTE IN THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS. Get legislators to Congress who will keep the President in check, and will support legislation that benefits ALL.


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