We held the march… Now what?

20170121_125136-2Yesterday’s Women’s March attracted far more support than initially expected. While it might be seen as a protest march – and certainly some were there to protest the election of President Trump and to question his legitimacy – the effort was geared more toward advising the incoming administration that people haven’t forgotten about all the divisiveness of the campaign and the promises to violate groups’ rights. More important, it served to galvanize support around defending hard won rights and liberties in the US.

So now what?

Now we act. But how? Taking action for political change isn’t always an intuitive process. Fortunately, the organizers of the Women’s March are also putting forward suggestions to carry the momentum forward. Please visit https://www.womensmarch.com/100/ to read up on their “10 actions for the first 100 days.” For those who are not experienced in political action, this will help to provide some guidelines for hoe to translate concerns into actions.

The first action is to contact Senators to make sure they are aware of the issues most important to you. The organizers even provide templates for you to use that you can print and mail. Don’t be afraid to call representatives as well.

The list is not yet complete, but expect there to be continued updates for the next 100 days and beyond.