Right Said Ed

This is a re-run, but given the rumors – however unlikely – that Russia might be interested in giving Snowden back as a “gift” I thought it might be worth re-addressing Snowden’s activities.

Unrelated to Ed, I wouldn’t ever consider that Russia was “gifting” us anything. In any case, there may be nothing to this speculation. (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/russia-eyes-sending-snowden-u-s-gift-trump-official-n718921)

The View from the Armchair

kencf0618facebooknetworkEdward Snowden would like to come back to the US, but he is only willing to do so if he feels he will get a fair trial. I’m honestly unsure why he believes he would not get a fair trial; it is, after all, an enumerated right. Many are now calling for a Presidential pardon for Mr. Snowden so that he can come home. These folks believe that he should not be punished because he provided a great service to us in disclosing a number of classified programs. A pardon is extraordinarily unlikely, and in my opinion is unwarranted. Let me explain:

Whistleblower Protection: If you haven’t read the Whistleblower Protection Act (Public Law 101-12, APR 10, 1989, as amended), I completely understand why. As is much law, a detailed read-through is an onerous task. (Luckily, most government agencies have people dedicated to working with you if you feel…

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