Foreign Policy on Trump and the “Deep State”

I’d like to share this piece from Foreign Policy – “Trump is Showing how the Deep State Really Works” – that details how information related to Mike Flynn’s calls came to be public, and the implication with regard to when the White House knew and how they chose to handle the news. This does not prove wrong-doing on the part of the White House, but it does raise questions about how in the world they could have been caught unawares in February. This piece does seem to put to rest the notion that the information became public due to “illegal leaks,” as asserted by the POTUS.

This information here also has some relevance to our previous discussions about what is and isn’t lawful in terms of information collection, so please feel free to clink the link to read more about our thoughts on the matter. (The linked article is specific to Snowden, but does provide overall legal and process clarity.)