President Trump’s address to Congress has a lot of people praising him for coming off more presidential. Van Jones, an outspoken critic of the president, even said that Trump “became the President of the United States” when Trump honored the wife of a fallen Navy SEAL.

What utter nonsense.

Irrespective of any words uttered during the address, Trump has still failed to take any sort of responsibility for the raid in which the SEAL, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens” died. Trump didn’t kill the man, but he authorized the mission. He needs to grow up and own that reality. Otherwise any honoring of those left behind is hollow.

He also used the platform last night to continue his assault on reality and to stoke anti-immigrant sentiments with a deluge of repeatedly debunked falsehoods about their impact on jobs and crime and the economy, as well as more generalized nonsense about the economic state of the US, violent crime, and his impact in the first month. put together a handy list of hid deviations from truth if you’re interested.

I fail to see how it is “presidential” to use his address to Congress to continue to promulgate lies and foment divisiveness and bigotry, no matter how well-written the speech. All Trump proved last night is that he can stay more or less on a script for a night. And for all his unifying sentiment, he has taken no steps to unify since taking the office and there is no rational reason to believe that this speech represents a fundamental shift in temperament or policy. Trump remains a nationalist, isolationist xenophobe and bigot, with an extraordinarily naive view of global economics and international relations. His domestic policies will open the doors to environmental disaster, further wage stagnation, and loss of employee rights and protections for the sake of short term gains for multinational corporations, big banks, and Wall Street tycoons. He is setting the stage for another recession, where middle- and low-income earners will lose jobs while the top .01% cash in, as we’ve seen before. His demonization of immigrants and Muslims will not make us more safe, and his dog-whistle rhetoric about “inner cities” is a thinly-veiled allusion to his preference for policing policies that unfairly target minorities. And while he began his speech by condemning recent spates of hate-crimes, his previous responses speak more to his true ideological leanings. If only he were as quick to call out such racist acts as he is to blast Saturday Night Live…

We did not see a new President last night; just the same old con-man, attempting to gain public trust so that he can screw them over.