The Power of Misinformation

In honor of the Congressional address, where Trump presented the same lies but in a more “presidential” way, and the Jeff Sessions kerfuffle, here’s another go at our piece on misinformation.

The View from the Armchair

I read earlier today that, despite the legal uproar, at least one poll puts support of Trump’s Travel Ban at 55%. That’s one poll and may not be the most accurate reflection of support, but even if it’s relatively close it is surprising. Why? Because it indicates that more people believe that this ban serves a useful purpose than people who do not. I’m sure there are some (maybe many) who like the ban because it targets Muslim countries, but I doubt that those overtly bigoted people make up the majority of support. I’m guessing many, if not most, support the ban because they feel it helps keep us safe.

I find that surprising because there is absolutely no data to support that conclusion.

I realize that it can be difficult to discern what is true out of all of the information available. The volume of data available…

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