Wiretapping? Nope.

Today Speaker Ryan and the Senate Intelligence Committee stated plainly that there was no evidence of wiretapping the President or anyone in Trump tower, either before or after the election, as reported by CNN and others. So this nonsense is put to rest, right?


The White House persists with their baseless allegation, while continuing to provide no evidence of their claim. The President and his Press Secretary both fixated on the fact that wiretap was in quotes in two of the four tweets sent by the President making the initial accusation. Their argument is that the President did not mean wiretapping when he wrote wiretapping. Since the clarification came over a week after the initial statement it wasn’t and isn’t convincing to most folks. In any case, there has been no evidence of any other type of surveillance, to include microwave cameras.


Speaker Ryan went on to say that his trust in the administration isn’t shaken by this unsupported assertion (or bald-faced lie, less generously). I don’t know what to make of that; how can trust not be shaken at least a little bit? As we were all recently reminded,Ryan made some very clear statements about his misgivings regarding the President when he was still the nominee.

Accusing former President Obama of wiretapping, or “wiretapping,” or any other deliberate surveillance is a very significant allegation,and making it without evidence is extraordinarily irresponsible. Now that it is clear that no evidence will be forthcoming, what is the appropriate response? Some have called for impeachment; is that appropriate? Impeachment trials are lengthy, costly, and highly disruptive. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate to ignore this, especially in the context of the numerous other falsehoods put forward by this President. Censure is an option, though it is toothless. But, perhaps it could be used as a formal warning; continue this behavior, and we will move to impeach.

Irrespective of any action taken, this is a blow to the White House’s credibility to many Americans, which is significant since the majority already took a poor view of the President and the administration in general. Is it even within the President’s capability to cease fabricating?

Time will tell.