Confirmation Bias

I haven’t notice this becoming irrelevant over the last month, so I’m throwing it back up front. Check your facts; check your bias.

The View from the Armchair

We’ve heard a great deal about fake news in the last 18 months. One would think that “news” that was obviously fake would not survive long in the information age, but instead it seems to thrive. The hoax-checking site Snopes – which has itself been attacked (or satired, I supposed) by fake news sites – last year identified a sizable list of fake news sites to avoid, but the list is far from comprehensive. While some sites are very overtly satirical, such as The Onion or The Duffle Blog, other sites claiming to be “satire” are much more subtle. Occasionally these sites are even able to fool real news outlets into carrying fake stories, sometimes by using deceptive URLs (like, which is in no way affiliated with ABC news.), giving these hoaxes increase exposure and credibility and making them more difficult to properly debunk.

But the number…

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