Violence is Not the Way to Handle Political Disagreements

I did not get an opportunity to weigh in on the shooting yesterday that put Representative Steve Scalise and lobbyist Matt Mika in critical condition, as well as wounding others less severely. I have a brief comment tonight.

It has already been said, but bears repeating, that violence is not the way to settle political disputes. I disagree very strongly with many political leaders on many issues. There are issues that get my blood boiling, and I deal with these issues by taking political action; calling representatives, supporting opposing candidates, donating to like-minded campaigns and group, etc. (I have even considered running for office, though I’m not quite there yet.) That is how we handle political differences in a modern, democratically-principled government and society. Violence is never the solution.

I will also note that, while I think it is appropriate to point out instances where politicians deliberately use violent rhetoric and call those politicians to account, it is not useful to use an incident like the shooting that occurred yesterday to paint the entirety of your political opposition as inherently violent or dangerous.

In case anyone wonders if this event might lead to a discussion about the issue of gun violence on this blog, the answer is yes. Just not tonight. I wish all that were injured a speedy recovery, and I hope we all can reflect on the fact that we won’t solve any issues by attempting to kill each other.


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