An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement

We had a request to recirculate this post due to recent events. Let us know your thoughts. From September 2016…

The View from the Armchair

liftarn_warning_for_police_brutalityAnother story of a cop shooting African-Americans when lethal force was not required, this time in Chicago (again) and this time the officer in question has been indicted by Grand Jury on federal civil rights charges.

So, let me just get this out of the way and start with this:  I was once like you – a man in blue.  I served as a police officer in progressive levels of leadership in positions from patrol officer to Chief of Investigations.  I have served communities in the military, as a federal police officer, and as a state certified municipal law enforcement officer.  In total I have 15 years of law enforcement experience before I decided to depart the profession I once so loved and held dear.  Now that I have established my credentials and bona fides there should be no doubt left that I am in a position to comment on…

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