Is aggression the best way to deal with North Korea?

One author’s thoughts on an aggressive response to North Korea. Worth a second look given the “fire and fury” rhetoric.

The View from the Armchair

In the simplest of terms, No…Aggression is not the way to get what you want from North Korea. North Korea has been actively pursuing and developing their nuclear weapons capability for at least the last 15 years. The whole reason for this is to make the US come to the bargaining table and deal with North Korea unilaterally, put an end to the sanctions that cripple their economy and possibly work out a new peace treaty/modify the armistice that has existed since 1953. Leader after leader has tried to figure out how best to deal with North Korea and thus far no one has been able to develop an effective strategy. From the failed agreed framework to the failed sunshine policy, presidents from both the US and South Korea have yet to find the best way to deal with the elusive and mercurial leaders of North Korea. One thing is…

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