I’m not a bigot, but…

This seems sadly relevant given the recent events in Charlottesville. Some additional considerations:

Donald Trump’s statement yesterday referencing to “bigotry and violence on many sides” was a false equivalence cop-out, a blatant refusal to call out the white nationalists/Nazis for fomenting bigotry, divisiveness, violence, and hatred. Today the white house tried to dress this up as the POTUS “not dignifying” white nationalists. I call bullsh!t. Calling them out wouldn’t be dignifying them, and the “many sides” comment lets them off the hook, which those groups noticed. There was much praise for Trump’s comments in the white nationalists’ media.

This man made references to immigrants and people of color as murderers, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists, and snakes repeatedly during his campaign, which spoke directly to the white nationalist ideology. He continues to call for “law and order,” which we can assume he means that the law should be looking equally hard (or harder) at counter-protestors. We know that he has advocated for means of “law and order” that violate constitutional provisions, disproportionately impact minorities, and has recently advocated for police brutality. He also routinely made calls for violence during his campaign, and continues to use violent and bellicose rhetoric as President.

As utterly abhorrent this situation may be, one can hardly be surprised about any of it. This is Donald Trump’s platform. These actors are his base. He invited white nationalists into the White House as key advisors. This is who he is, and these events are what he quite predictably inspired. If you voted for Trump, you are a co-owner of what has been playing out in Charlottesville. Congratulations.

The View from the Armchair

When someone says, “I’m not a racist, but…” there is a 100% chance that the next utterance out of that person’s mouth will be racist. This is how people are starting to sound who say, “Voting for Trump doesn’t make me a bigot…”

I suppose, technically, that having voted for Trump does not immediately mean that you are a bigot or misogynist. It does, however, inarguably mean that you deliberately voted for a bigot and misogynist. If you aren’t a bigot, but you are OK with the highest elected position in the land belonging to a bigot, then I have to question your judgement. Policy preferences aside, being overtly bigoted ought to be disqualifying for the presidency. And I don’t mean that he is just bigoted in general, but many of the policy platforms on which Trump ran were blatantly bigoted. (Some platform positions were merely violations of international law…

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