Happy New Year!

Who does New Year’s resolutions? It’s not normally my thing, but in 2018 I resolve to continue to:

– Advocate for civil rights and civil liberties for the LGBTQ community, religious minorities, racial and ethnic minorities, women, immigrants, and any other group being disenfranchised.
– Back law enforcement personnel, but call for strict accountability for those who violate the laws and principles they are sworn to uphold.
– Recommend stricter and more uniform firearm regulation to reduce gun injuries and fatalities.
– Call for tax and trade policies that leave social programs intact and reduce deficit and debt.
– Highlight bigotry, exclusion, and hate in public policies and public officials.
– Promote a diplomacy-first foreign policy, working within established alliances and treaties.
– Defend science-based analyses of policies involving climate, energy, medicine, etc.
– Support political candidates that hold to these same ideals.

It is my hope in the coming year to be able to talk about and advocate for fact-based policies through less vitriolic discussions. I’ll try to at least be more measured in my statements. I can’t account for how someone will respond, but I will do my best to respond with reason and facts rather than frustration. And, barring that, I’ll try to simply disengage. Angry arguments don’t help anyone.

What are your resolutions or goals for the year?

Happy New Year!


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