Cold Coffee – The Starbucks Boycott Could Leave A Bad Taste In Our Mouths

An excellent article from Progressive Express. Is continuing protest of Starbucks warranted?

Progressive Express

Right from the start I have to make clear that the sudden leap to action from concerned citizens of good conscience was impressive.  The energy and force of activism was encouraging.  And the spirit of justice in the quest for racial equality was heart-warming and well-conceived.  But the Starbucks boycott as it is being executed can backfire horribly if we are not careful.  Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated and Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson should be rewarded for how he handled this situation so that others will follow his lead.

The CEO has been appropriately apologetic.  I listened to his statement as delivered from his own mouth and he didn’t just say the right things, he delivered the words with sincerity.  He promised swift action to make the two young men whole who were unjustly harassed by Philadelphia police and arrested for the crime of “waiting at a coffee shop while…

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