Shared – “When the Axe Falls”

I shared this last year – the previous re-blog no longer links to the correct location. I want to share again because, even though it was written in response to a different set of specific events, it is just as salient now.

A selection:

“You can’t find a way to make yourself okay with the water crisis in Flint and not be harmed.  You cannot turn a blind eye to racism and not be harmed.  You can’t justify immigrant families being turned away and torn apart and not be harmed.  You can’t degrade women and not be harmed.  You can’t justify laws that villainize trans people and not be harmed.

“When you are an agent of harm, you are harmed.  There is a cost.  When you willingly other someone else, offer them up to be the handle, you enable the axe.  Once you’ve made your peace with the axe, you make it more likely that the axe will come for you.  Because you’ve already said that’s okay.  That some people don’t count.  That some kids matter less.  That some lives inherently count more.  None of that happens in a vacuum.”


When the axe falls