Bob Mueller Is Coming & He Doesn’t Give A F*ck What Anybody Thinks (Strong Language)

Progressive Express

I’ve said it in this space many times before but it bears repeating for purposes of this discussion: I listen to a great deal of right-wing talk radio.  Because I am actively engaged in political discourse I have to know what is being said by the opposition opinion makers in the media.  And fuck what you heard about Sean Hannity’s influence; there are none more powerful than Rush Limbaugh.  Hannity and Trump can spend every night together in a heart-shaped hot-tub and he’ll NEVER wield the influence over conservative politics that Rush Limbaugh does.


That asshole is the Jim Jones of American politics:  whatever flavor of Kool-Aid he is serving, he has millions of faithful sheep in his flock ready to guzzle it down until they choke.  Keep in mind that these people proudly call themselves “ditto-heads” because anything Rush says, they’re singular and unified response is “ditto!”  So these…

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