The Pit Bull, The AR-15 & American Accountability

Progressive Express

There was a terrifying incident of random violence at an elementary school in North Carolina last year.  Seven young children sustained horrible and painful injuries.  Hundreds more children in the school will share with them the mental and emotional trauma of this unforeseen attack.  Flesh was torn and blood was spilled.  Hearts pumped fear and adrenaline into every person who was on the scene and none will ever forget the frightening attack for as long as they live.

But this time the deadly weapon unleashed on the children of an elementary school was not an AR-15 assault rifle.  It was a violent Pit Bull Terrier that escaped his fenced yard.  I wonder what we’d do if there had been 250 pit bull attacks on children inside of their schools since the beginning of 2019 .  That’s more than one attack every day of the year – spread all over the…

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