“Through No Fault Of Their Own” Is The Phrase That Pays

Really insightful commentary from progressive Express regarding the inherent white privilege and racism in phrases like “through no fault of their own…”

Progressive Express

There is no doubt that since the novel coronavirus has sent the American economy into a terrifying tailspin that you have heard the phrase dozens of times.  “Through no fault of their own” has become a media rallying cry and public distress signal.  It means that white people need help usually attached to the untouchable blacks and browns of America;  They are not supposed to need this help so go ahead and give it to them and don’t hold it against them.  Another derivative phrase that is bandied about quite a bit these days is “people who have never needed help before.”   You would have to be dead inside not to pick up the desperate cry for judgment-free empathy, sympathy and charity in the messaging.

At bottom, it comes down to the need for mass media outlets to protect the false pride and foolish presumptions of…

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