What If The Police Really Had Something To Be Afraid Of?

Progressive Express

This is a thought exercise.  This is neither a “manifesto” nor a “call to arms.”  This is not a plot against America, nor a threat of domestic terrorism.  Again, this is a thought exercise-  an important one that we desperately need to take up at this time.  There are ominous signs in our public discourse that demand creative consideration.  This is one step on that journey:

What would happen if police officers were genuinely afraid for their lives?  That is the well-scripted assertion whenever one of them has murdered a black man under suspicious circumstances.  That alleged fear has been the baseline justification and the political through-line for countless legal exonnerations and closed investigations in cases of police violence that leave black people dead and black communities seething with anger.


Meanwhile the “frightened” cop typically returns to his job- after his paid time off of course- and remains on the…

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