Art in the Time of Covid

Sharing something a little different today. Enjoy!


Over the last twelve months, many artists have written about their experiences in dealing with the pandemic. For some, the times of lock-down, restrictions, quarantines, and “sheltering-in-place” have resulted in a terrific surge of creativity; for others, the opposite has been true. Being isolated — or being confined with family — can sometimes have adverse effects. Those with spouses required to work from home, or those with school-age children struggling with “Zoom” education may have found themselves with less time, much less energy, and far less inspiration for art.

With all that said, my life during the time of Covid has changed very little. I’m a homebody. I don’t enjoy getting out and going places now in the way I once did. Before Covid my outings were trips to parks or nature centers for a bit of hiking, an occasional visit to a museum, a symphony performance, the opera, or…

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