Anti-Transgender Laws — Liberal Takes

While Democrats are focused on common sense gun control, voting rights, and the American Jobs Plan, Republicans are unfortunately focused on making this a record-breaking year for anti-transgender laws, which will affect minors the most. Thirty-three states have introduced 117 laws that are making their way through state legislatures that specifically target the transgender community. […]

Anti-Transgender Laws — Liberal Takes

One thought on “Anti-Transgender Laws — Liberal Takes

  1. While I’m recovering from surgery I’ll be sharing more from other people. Not that I didn’t share posts I though merited attention anyway.

    Liberal Takes here addresses yet another avenue by which republicans attack individual individuality and free expression whenever it doesn’t conform to their religious worldview, or whenever they just don’t get it (triggering their irrational fear of anything unfamiliar to them).

    Anti-LGTBQ+ efforts have real, detrimental consequences for real human beings who want nothing more than to be who they are in peace. Thanks to Liberal Takes for helping shine light on this issue.

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