Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?

This was a big deal, and it happened recently. Why does it seem like we’ve already forgotten?

Liberal Takes

It is the end of April 2021, and it seems as though coverage of the Capitol Riots has stopped being newsworthy. Where is Congress? Why in the hell aren’t they making this into a more significant issue? The lawyer forSyracuse “Proud Boy”Matthew Greene blames Trump’s rhetoric. Why aren’t the Democrats making the riots and the rhetoric that Trump supporters espoused an issue? We sure as heck know that Republicans would never let us forget if a group of pro-Democrat supporters stormed the capitol.

After this very contested election, there were calls of national healing and bringing both sides to the table. President Trump did not win the popular vote, and there was no mandate placed on him to play well with others.

Why do Democrats limit themselves? Why do we have this heightened sense of morality regarding our politicians that the other side doesn’t have? Republicans don’t care…

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