Capital Gazette Shooting

This is the third anniversary of Wendi’s death. She died running toward the gunfire, to save others.

Also, this is a reminder that violent rhetoric has violent consequences. Those that incite violence need to be held accountable.

The View from the Armchair

I’m a little late with comments. I knew one of the victims, so this is a little tougher than other difficult topics.


This is Wendi Winters, one of the victims of last Thursday’s shooting. You can read more about here here. The picture is from the Capital Gazette. I used it without permission. I’m hopeful they won’t mind.

Annapolis is about 15 minutes away from where I live, so this hits home not just because I knew someone but because it occurred in close physical proximity to my home. My wife wondered, how long will it be before everyone knows someone who died like this?

There are two issues at play here. The first is access to firearms. The shooter had a criminal history that most reasonable minds would likely agree should have precluded him from owning a firearm. However, he legally owned the weapon that he used to…

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One thought on “Capital Gazette Shooting

  1. This is so sad, and it’s so sad that it keeps happening.
    Easy access to firearms is becoming a problem even in Europe. Just two weeks ago there was a similar shooting in a small town near Rome. Two children and an old man trying to protect them died.
    I know it sounds rhetoric, but I believe that governments should stop this disaster, we as citizens, unfortunately cannot do much for a solution.
    Have a nice day.

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