Is the COVID Pandemic Over?

BLUF: No, it isn’t.

President Biden recently stated that the pandemic is over. Whatever he might have meant, at face value it is simply a false statement.

The lowest the daily new case rate has been in the US was a little over 12k cases per day, and that was in late June 2021. During the winter holidays we saw an enormous surge in cases. We have come down considerably since then, but we have yet to get back down to previous lows in terms of new cases. It’s similar in terms of new daily cases globally. So, no, the pandemic isn’t over.

The good news is that the prevalent variants are far less virulent than previous variants, so fewer people are dying. Though, we still haven’t reached previous lows either in the US or globally.

Even thought the situation has improved considerably, and certainly we can assume more risk in a return to relative normalcy than in previous months, it is irresponsible to make a blanket statement that the pandemic is over.