Vote Blue

The gop doesn’t have any plans for any of the issues they bring up.

The gop wants people that vote on the basis of grievance only. They can get people spun up and angry about a variety of topis without providing anything. It is disturbing how well the technique works. They blame Biden for inflation, immigration, oil prices, slipping test scores, high medicine prices, debt and deficit; all while offering no solutions of their own, and even voting against solutions proposed in Congress (which they later take credit for when implemented).

Other than fomenting angst, what is the gop offering to do about anything? Well, there are some things they plan to do, which they have been very vocal about. These include:

  • A nationwide abortion ban
  • Dismantling the Department of Education
  • Redirecting public funds from public schools to Christian private schools
  • Dismantling the Department of Justice
  • Attacking the Voting Rights Act in the courts
  • Instituting voting restrictions targeting typically Democrat-voting demographics
  • Ending Social Security and Medicare
  • Cutting taxes on the wealthiest Americans
  • Ending Marriage Equality
  • Rolling back environmental protections

That’s a small sampling off the top of my head of terrible things the gop is publicly and proudly proclaiming they will do if given the majority. They won’t solve any problems for regular Americans, but they will cement their power and likely destroy our democratic processes and norms.

So push back on the bullshit, and get out and vote.