What did you expect when you voted for chaos agents?

Well, here we are. Eleven votes and no speaker. Even as mccarthy makes multiple unreasonable concessions to the most absurdly disruptive and juvenile members of his party, he can’t get any closer to the 218 he needs. But what did anyone expect? These sophomoric imbeciles ran and were elected on their petulance and bottomless, undefined grievance. They promised nothing to their constituents or their party other than to be perpetually aggrieved and to break the system. No concession will be sufficient; it can’t be. Being outraged is the extent of their platform, so to accept any concession as sufficient undermines their boundless anger.

It’s very, very stupid.

Not that the rest of the gop has a particularly praiseworthy agenda to pursue. White supremacy, autocratic theocracy, misogyny, and pretty much every other form of bigotry toward anyone who isn’t both white and male makes for pretty shitty policy. As dysfunctional as it is for there to still be no speaker, we really can’t good governance for the next two years anyway. So, take your time, idiots.

If we’re luck, maybe a handful of rational actors in the gop will vote for Jeffries. That would be hilarious. It is, of course, impossible. Not because the gop is too cohesive a party – because it clearly isn’t – but because the gop doesn’t have any rational actors in it presently.

It’s not all bad news for kevin. If he keeps at it, he may beat the 34th Congress’s record for number of voting rounds required for a speaker. Only 123 to go for the win. Hang in there, kev!