We started this blog a few months ago with the intent of having a forum for a few pert-time, amateur authors to post about things that interest us. The range of topics would vary widely, depending on what interested us and our individual levels of expertise on any given topic.

Perhaps it was simply the timing – beginning this blog near the end of a particularly divisive presidential campaign – but it has already morphed into something a little different. While there will still be mundane posts from time to time, such as nutrition or art or homeschooling, our focus has become and will likely continue to be politics and social justice.

Expect to read posts related to immigration, civil rights and civil liberties, domestic economic policy, global economic policy, foreign trade, nuclear proliferation, religion, military strategy, and intelligence, all with an inclination to supporting social equity both in the US and globally.

We’ll no doubt handle very sensitive and polarizing issues. Many things inform and individual’s perspective on a topic, and no position should not be dismissed without at least attempting to understand where the other person is coming from. We are, therefore, open to civil discussions with those who hold opposing views. When our information is incorrect or when our logic is flawed will will adjust as necessary, and hope that others do the same.

Be forewarned that we will not tolerate name-calling or openly vitriolic rhetoric. If your arguments are rooted in thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory or other known sources of non-factual information, don’t expect to have a long conversation with us.

We hope you enjoy reading.