The GOP Is On The Ropes But They Won’t Fall If Nancy Keeps Holding Them Up

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The Democrats have some legitimate momentum heading into the 2018 mid-terms.  If they want to maximize that momentum and sweep the Republicans out of D.C. and statehouses all over America, Nancy Pelosi should cede the leadership role to a capable hand she can support.  New blood and new energy can…

Treason Summit?

It seems that “a lot of people are saying” that Trump is a traitor, and that his actions in Helsinki (and prior) constitute treason. That’s quite a statement. How well does it hold up? Well, here are some definitions: Merriam Webster definition of traitor: (1) one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an … More Treason Summit?

The Collapse of Iconic America

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America’s stature around the world and at home appears to be in rapid retreat right now. A recent poll showed that a record low 43% of Americans would describe themselves as “extremely  proud” to be an American.  I do not greet that news with the alarm that many media pundits…

Capital Gazette Shooting

I’m a little late with comments. I knew one of the victims, so this is a little tougher than other difficult topics. This is Wendi Winters, one of the victims of last Thursday’s shooting. You can read more about here here. The picture is from the Capital Gazette. I used it without permission. I’m hopeful … More Capital Gazette Shooting

Travel Ban: Upheld

The third version of Trump’s Travel Ban was upheld along partisan lines by the SCOTUS today as constitutional. Since I have a day job, I have not yet read the actual ruling. I have looked over a few analyses and will include a brief one from Chris Cillizza here. The full text is in the … More Travel Ban: Upheld


A few days ago, President Trump met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, at a historic summit. It is historic, no matter whether one thinks it was good idea or whether one thinks the outcomes were positive, simply because it had not happened before. Both supporters and detractors jump on that last point. Trump … More Historic

Trump & Kim

Photo credit: CNN Just a quick note after watching the historic handshake: No matter what else happens during their meeting, this moment was a huge win for Kim Jung Un. Shaking hands with the leader of the free world with a backdrop of US and North Korean flags all standing at the same height… A … More Trump & Kim

Celebrating Prince

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Today is Prince’s birthday and it is cause for his friends and loved ones to celebrate.  If you loved his music and appreciated what he gave to the world, that includes you.  He made that abundantly clear over and over throughout his career.  My appreciation for Prince and his music…