State of the Union

President Trump gave the State of the Union address last night, summing up his first year. It was, predictably, full of exaggerations and outright lies. Even many of the true statements require additional context, which makes the somewhat misleading. Here’s a link to Politifact’s fact check of the address. Here’s a link to a transcript … More State of the Union

Trickling Down

After some back and forth, the Republicans in the House and Senate have finally approved a tax bill. Billed as tax break for all Americans and a stimulus for jobs and economic growth, the objective assessment is that the bill heavily favors the wealthy both in the short and long term. The assertion that this … More Trickling Down

Bad Analogy: Beer and Taxes

Analogies and metaphors are commonly used to make complicated or confusing subjects more understandable to a wider audience. There are times when an analogy is very helpful for putting a concept into a context that is more relatable. To paraphrase a comedian (whose name I cannot recall) explaining why he doesn’t understand why his male … More Bad Analogy: Beer and Taxes

The Trump Brand

There is a growing list of retail outlets that are choosing to no longer carry Trump brand products, or in some cases no choosing to promote the brand. In this case we’re speaking to Ivanka Trump’s products. The President has unsurprisingly been very vocal about the lines choosing to part ways with his daughter’s products, … More The Trump Brand