“You’re Fired”

President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, “effective immediately,” as reported by the New York Times and other news outlets. This is an interesting move. The NY Times reports: Memos released by the White House show that Rod J. Rosenstein, the newly sworn-in deputy attorney general, recommended that Mr. Comey be fired over how … More “You’re Fired”

Happy Easter

I was tempted to write something about the history of this holiday, through all of its various forms and traditions. I suppose that isn’t necessary. Anyone who is interested can do that research, and a piece like that always appears to be a shot at someone’s strongly held beliefs. Instead, let’s focus on the aspect … More Happy Easter

Obama Wiretapped Trump???

Illegal wiretapping by former President Obama is one hell of an accusation. Even with no evidence offered, such an allegation needs to be taken seriously and investigated. It’s important to note that a President cannot unilaterally order such an intrusion. The Foreign Intelligence Security Act of 1978 (FISA – Public Law 95-511, OCT 25, 1978) … More Obama Wiretapped Trump???

Happy Holidays!

As we transition into winter, I just want to take a moment to tell the small group of folks that actually look at this blog Happy Holidays! Whatever you winter celebratory tradition, whether religious, secular, or based on a pair of cartoon-writers’ LSD-fueled imaginations, please enjoy your celebration.

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day – originally Armistice Day – celebrates those who have served in the uniform service. That’s very nice, and we appreciate it! I notice that other jobs don’t tend to get their own national holidays, so on this Veterans Day let’s take a moment to celebrate everyone who serves their country, even if not … More Happy Veterans Day!