Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday

As a federal employee, I got an unexpected extra day off today. Juneteenth was recently made a holiday through bipartisan legislation. In fact, only 14 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against making this day a holiday. (I have included last year’s post on Juneteenth, in which I lazily included information from Juneteenth.com to … More Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday

Memorial Day 2021

For Memorial Day, remembering the fallen with whom I served: LT Terri S. Fussner LT Wayne F. Roberts PO2 Jason E. Lawson SSG Joseph R. Ray SGT Joshua L. Hill SGT Anton J. Hiett SGT Kevin D. Akins SGT Jeffery S. Wiekamp CW3 Eric W. Totten SPC David N. Timmons Jr. SPC Justin L. Odonohoe … More Memorial Day 2021

Happy Mothers’ Day 2021

Happy Day to all the mothers out there! Hopefully you have been able to celebrate a little this year, safely, of course. “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” William Makepeace Thackeray

More Charges over George Floyd Death

I was happy to read this morning that the other officers with Chauvin are being indicted for violation George Floyd’s civil rights, and aiding and abetting second-degree murder & manslaughter. (Justice Dept. charges ex-Minneapolis police officers with violating George Floyd’s civil rights) Good. They are every bit as culpable, helping to restrain Floyd unnecessarily and … More More Charges over George Floyd Death

Sharing: The Rude Pundit on George Floyd, Chauvin, and “Good Guys with Guns”

As I mentioned, I broke my ankle and am a little fatigued for writing. However, a friend just introduced me to The Rude Pundit, and I at least have the energy to share something from them. I just read “Would a Good Guy with a Gun Have Been Justified in Saving George Floyd?” from 1 … More Sharing: The Rude Pundit on George Floyd, Chauvin, and “Good Guys with Guns”

Disinformation: Power Outages in Texas

First: What’s the difference between misinformation and disinformation? Disinformation is actively pushing information known to be untrue. Misinformation is similar, except that there may be some allowance for misunderstanding what is being promulgated, or there may be some genuine disagreement on how something should be interpreted. Sometimes that’s debatable, but that’s the point. If it’s … More Disinformation: Power Outages in Texas