Will the real South Korea please stand up?

All of the talk concerning the North Korea crisis seems to be centered on China and the US. Where is South Korea in all of this and how does their very turbulent government transition impact their ability to influence an outcome? … More Will the real South Korea please stand up?

Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Last evening I watched the movie “Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  In the film, 12 alien spacecraft mysteriously appear on Earth at various locations including the United States, Russia, the ocean off the coast of China, Sudan, Pakistan, Denmark, Japan, Sierra-Leone, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  I have always been … More Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

National Security Council Principals… and Bannon

A few days ago President Trump decided to make two standard attendees of the National Security Council Principals Committee  – The Director of National Intelligence (DNA) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) – into “as needed” attendees. At the same time he established his Chief Strategist – a wholly political position … More National Security Council Principals… and Bannon

Snowden Meeting with Russian Intelligence??? Say It Ain’t So…

It seems that a House report indicates that “since [Edward] Snowden’s arrival in Moscow, he has had, and continues to have, contact with Russian intelligence services.”  Reuters reports that this “challenged Snowden’s assertion that he reached a ‘breaking point’ and decided to access and disclose the NSA materials, including documents on the agency’s collection of … More Snowden Meeting with Russian Intelligence??? Say It Ain’t So…

Why Trump?

There’s so much to write about right now. I’d like to go into the electoral college a bit (thought that’s more history than opining opportunity), and I’d like to put something together about motivations of Trump supporters, and some of the post-elections problems that are already cropping up. Plus, I have a running list of … More Why Trump?

Things are getting out of hand…

Election season is almost over. Thank goodness. It’s getting pretty ridiculous right about now. We’ve had incitements to violence; a kerfuffle over walking pneumonia; foreign policy platforms that call for torture, murder of non-combatants, and refusing help to those most in need; domestic policy calling for failed law-enforcement programs that target minorities; bizarre apples-to-oranges comparisons … More Things are getting out of hand…

Cold War, Part Deux

It has seemed – or, rather, been apparent – for some time that Vladimir Putin longs for a return to the Cold War era from his formative KGB years. From his expansion into Crimea (definitely a part of the Ukraine), to his collaboration with typically anti-Western countries like Iran and China to support the Syrian … More Cold War, Part Deux