Mattis Resigns

“Mad Dog” Mattis is officially stepping down as Secretary of Defense. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Some surmise the abrupt decision to remove troops from Syria was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The full text of his resignation is below. While it is written diplomatically, it is clear that Mattis is fed … More Mattis Resigns


A few days ago, President Trump met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, at a historic summit. It is historic, no matter whether one thinks it was good idea or whether one thinks the outcomes were positive, simply because it had not happened before. Both supporters and detractors jump on that last point. Trump … More Historic

In Memoriam

For Memorial Day, remembering the fallen with whom I served:   LT Terri S. Fussner LT Wayne F. Roberts PO2 Jason E. Lawson SSG Joseph R. Ray SGT Joshua L. Hill SGT Anton J. Hiett SGT Kevin D. Akins SGT Jeffery S. Wiekamp CW3 Eric W. Totten SPC David N. Timmons Jr. SPC Justin L. … More In Memoriam

16th Anniversary of the September 11 Terror Attacks in the US 

It has been 16 years since the towers fell, the Pentagon was damaged, and Flight 93 crashed en route to a fourth target. It has been nearly as long since the US first invaded Afghanistan, where US (and multinational) troops continue to fight.   The attacks carried significant emotional weight for the collective US psyche, … More 16th Anniversary of the September 11 Terror Attacks in the US 

Policy and Facts

What is the relationship between fact and public policy? Or, what should be the relationship? It seems perfectly reasonable that factual information should inform policy recommendations and decisions. It follows, then, that policy recommendations that are not factually based should not move forward. It is therefore necessary that problems be correctly diagnosed prior to making … More Policy and Facts