American Healthcare Act

The House of Representatives approved their version of the AHCA bill this week. The next step is consideration in the Senate. There has already been a great deal of discussion about the bill and the assertions underpinning it. Politifact offers a consolidated look at some claims made by opponents of the PPACA, which largely don’t … More American Healthcare Act

Raw Milk and Death

We have recently seen a small number of illnesses and two deaths due to Listeria in the US. The vector is believed to be cheese manufactured from raw milk.  This has reinvigorated debate about the general safety of raw milk and the benefits – or lack thereof – of drinking raw vs pasteurized milk. (Some … More Raw Milk and Death

Healthcare, Part One

With the advent of an actual legislative effort to append (but not really repeal and replace) the PPACA (AKA “Obamacare”) it is worth examining the pros and cons of the ACA and the proposed legislation. The intent of the PPACA was to make healthcare more affordable overall and ensure more people are covered, including those … More Healthcare, Part One

Science and Nutrition

Despite our routine focus on medications, diet is profoundly important in maintaining overall health. Here are a couple of recent examples of articles that help reinforce the significance diet plays: Scientific American wrote about a key amino acid, Valine, and its potential role in helping with treatment of blood cancer without necessitating radiation or chemotherapy. … More Science and Nutrition

Cancer Link to Fat?

I’m sure most folks are familiar with some of the negative effects of carrying too much fat in the body. Most folks have probably learned that excess fat and cholesterol increase the risk for heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. The hormonal impacts of obesity put people at increased risk for diabetes. Both men and women … More Cancer Link to Fat?

Who Decides What Constitutes Proper Nutrition?

Here is an NBC news article discussing links between food industry lobbying and nutrition advice. (How the Food Lobby Affects Nutrition Advice) As we discussed in a previous post (Sugar, Sugar), the impact of food companies on nutritional studies and regulation is both unsettling and unsurprising. As they say, money talks, and food companies have … More Who Decides What Constitutes Proper Nutrition?

Sugar, Sugar

It is distressing to think that research is influenced by those with economic interests in the outcome, but it can hardly be considered surprising by now. An article from JAMA Internal Medicine yesterday highlights the sugar industries influence on research from 50 years ago, and the impact it continues to have today. In brief, the … More Sugar, Sugar