Deception Detection Part Two: Control through Questioning

Previously we discussed a few deception detection methods based on biometric and behavioral indicators. To recap, we established that such methods are not independently reliable for knowing when a subjecting is lying, but that they can be successfully employed to help with development of approach strategies. While it is important to know when someone is … More Deception Detection Part Two: Control through Questioning


For people concerned with the trajectory of the US it is becoming ever more difficult to key the proverbial eye on the ball. Whether out of strategic intent as some postulate or out of near-deranged narcissism or dementia, Trump and company keep the hits coming to the point that journalists, pundits, and armchair bloggers can … More Distraction

Obama Wiretapped Trump???

Illegal wiretapping by former President Obama is one hell of an accusation. Even with no evidence offered, such an allegation needs to be taken seriously and investigated. It’s important to note that a President cannot unilaterally order such an intrusion. The Foreign Intelligence Security Act of 1978 (FISA – Public Law 95-511, OCT 25, 1978) … More Obama Wiretapped Trump???

National Security Council Principals… and Bannon

A few days ago President Trump decided to make two standard attendees of the National Security Council Principals Committee  – The Director of National Intelligence (DNA) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) – into “as needed” attendees. At the same time he established his Chief Strategist – a wholly political position … More National Security Council Principals… and Bannon

Russian Hacking Update

The Intelligence Community has released more information regarding the Russian hacking and attempts to influence the 2016 election, coming shortly after their briefing to President-Elect Trump. While Trump has been dismissive of the assessment and has been tweeting a barrage of ad-hominems against the US intelligence agencies, his tone seems to have softened after the … More Russian Hacking Update

Questioning Fundamentals

When most folks think of interrogation, they think of their favorite police shows, they think of the old “good-cop/bad-cop” routine, they think of criminal confessions, or they think of “making someone talk” through various and sundry unpleasant methods. Popular culture has cemented these ideas in our collective psyche. Some of these images are illegal, some … More Questioning Fundamentals

Snowden Meeting with Russian Intelligence??? Say It Ain’t So…

It seems that a House report indicates that “since [Edward] Snowden’s arrival in Moscow, he has had, and continues to have, contact with Russian intelligence services.”  Reuters reports that this “challenged Snowden’s assertion that he reached a ‘breaking point’ and decided to access and disclose the NSA materials, including documents on the agency’s collection of … More Snowden Meeting with Russian Intelligence??? Say It Ain’t So…