Spotify’s Values?

Spotify’s CEO recently gave a speech to employees regarding Spotify’s position on hosting the Joe Rogan Experience, especially given that many employees feel personally offended by Joe Rogan’s comments in his podcasts. Here is a link to the full text. I feel like covering a couple of elements. Selected quotes and my thoughts follow: “It … More Spotify’s Values?

Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Last evening I watched the movie “Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  In the film, 12 alien spacecraft mysteriously appear on Earth at various locations including the United States, Russia, the ocean off the coast of China, Sudan, Pakistan, Denmark, Japan, Sierra-Leone, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  I have always been … More Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Confirmation Bias

We’ve heard a great deal about fake news in the last 18 months. One would think that “news” that was obviously fake would not survive long in the information age, but instead it seems to thrive. The hoax-checking site Snopes – which has itself been attacked (or satired, I supposed) by fake news sites – … More Confirmation Bias

More Pictures

Me and my daughter drew an eagle. The assignment this time was to just use line basics, and not focus on shading or depth. I think we both did pretty well. I’m having a nice time with this black & white drawing curriculum. Enjoy this holiday weekend. And if you aren’t celebrating a holiday, just … More More Pictures

Black and White

It has been a recurring theme here to discuss something about social equity and race or ethnicity. The title suggests another post along the same lines, but it isn’t. This is about art. And it isn’t really all that much about art, since I don’t have any particular expertise in art; it’s mostly for me … More Black and White

Happy Halloween!

I had considered writing something about the origins of Halloween today. Instead, I took the kids out trick-or-treating and spent time with some friends (and ate a bunch of the kids’ candy). Plus, lots of folks have covered Halloween origins, so I’d really just be covering the same ground. Just for fun, here’s a video … More Happy Halloween!