What did you expect when you voted for chaos agents?

Well, here we are. Eleven votes and no speaker. Even as mccarthy makes multiple unreasonable concessions to the most absurdly disruptive and juvenile members of his party, he can’t get any closer to the 218 he needs. But what did anyone expect? These sophomoric imbeciles ran and were elected on their petulance and bottomless, undefined … More What did you expect when you voted for chaos agents?

Vote Blue

The gop doesn’t have any plans for any of the issues they bring up. The gop wants people that vote on the basis of grievance only. They can get people spun up and angry about a variety of topis without providing anything. It is disturbing how well the technique works. They blame Biden for inflation, … More Vote Blue

The Saddest Fascists

You may have heard, the President gave a speech the night before last. It made a lot of maga republicans sad and angry. What mean things did he say? Well he said that maga republicans are a threat to democracy. They have many hurt feelings about that. But, the thing is, the threat they pose … More The Saddest Fascists

The Mar-a-Lago Raid

I’ll keep this short, since there’s lots of media coverage and I don’t have more information than anyone else. I just have a couple of observations. First, predictably, the gop is putting out non-stop messaging calling the raid politically motivated and otherwise undermining the FBI’s legitimacy, with a few open call to de-fund, disband, or … More The Mar-a-Lago Raid

States’ Rights

I don’t really have that much commentary on the topic of “states’ rights,” but it’s more than a tweet’s worth, so a brief blog it is. The concept of states’ rights is derived from the 9th and 10th amendments to the US constitution, which state: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not … More States’ Rights

No End in Sight for Gun Violence – July 4th Edition

Another day, another mass shooting here in the US. This time at a July 4th parade in Chicago. After Uvalde, we got some bipartisan legislation that doesn’t do much, followed by a SCOTUS decision the seeks to limit states’ abilities to rein in gin violence. Half-step forward, two steps back. Our previous writings, which sadly … More No End in Sight for Gun Violence – July 4th Edition