A few days ago, President Trump met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, at a historic summit. It is historic, no matter whether one thinks it was good idea or whether one thinks the outcomes were positive, simply because it had not happened before. Both supporters and detractors jump on that last point. Trump … More Historic

Trump & Kim

Photo credit: CNN Just a quick note after watching the historic handshake: No matter what else happens during their meeting, this moment was a huge win for Kim Jung Un. Shaking hands with the leader of the free world with a backdrop of US and North Korean flags all standing at the same height… A … More Trump & Kim

Celebrating Prince

Originally posted on Progressive Express:
Today is Prince’s birthday and it is cause for his friends and loved ones to celebrate.  If you loved his music and appreciated what he gave to the world, that includes you.  He made that abundantly clear over and over throughout his career.  My appreciation for Prince and his music…

Ed Snowden Reboot

Yesterday, the ACLU celebrated the anniversary of Ed Snowden’s “revelations” in 2013. I’m normally on board with the ACLU, but not in this case. Ed didn’t use legal channels to bring his perceived issues to anyone’s attention, so he was and is not entitled to whistleblower protections. He was indiscriminate in his collection and release … More Ed Snowden Reboot

Rules vs Rights- NFL Forced Patriotism in the Age of Trump

Yesterday the National Football League (NFL) announced a rule change for the upcoming 2018-2019-football season.  Players will now be forced to stand during the National Anthem pregame ceremony. However, the league has stipulated that players that do not wish to stand during the ceremony are not allowed onto the field of play until after the … More Rules vs Rights- NFL Forced Patriotism in the Age of Trump

School Shootings Continue

Per the count from CNN, we are up to 22 school shootings in 20 weeks in the US. What actions are we taking to prevent the next school shooting, or mass shooting, or to better limit or prevent gun violence in the US? Empty platitudes aren’t solving the problem. Unsupported claims about everything in the … More School Shootings Continue

Gina Haspel & “Enhanced Interrogation”

With Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the CIA, the issue of torture and its euphemistic term “enhanced interrogation” has resurfaced. Haspel ran one of the CIA’s secret prisons in Thailand in the wake of the September 11 2001 attacks. We’ve written about the legality and efficacy of coercive interrogation and torture before. Some, like Lindsay … More Gina Haspel & “Enhanced Interrogation”