Climate Science, Expertise, & Skepticism 

The topic of climate change continues to be the subject of much debate. The debate, though, seems largely unwarranted. Experts in climate science are near unanimous in agreement that the current changes to the Earth’s climate are driven by increases in CO2 and other greenhouse gasses (gasses that trap heat), and the subsequent increases in … More Climate Science, Expertise, & Skepticism 


For people concerned with the trajectory of the US it is becoming ever more difficult to key the proverbial eye on the ball. Whether out of strategic intent as some postulate or out of near-deranged narcissism or dementia, Trump and company keep the hits coming to the point that journalists, pundits, and armchair bloggers can … More Distraction

Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Last evening I watched the movie “Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  In the film, 12 alien spacecraft mysteriously appear on Earth at various locations including the United States, Russia, the ocean off the coast of China, Sudan, Pakistan, Denmark, Japan, Sierra-Leone, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  I have always been … More Trump Hates “The Aliens.” Believe me.

Confirmation Bias

We’ve heard a great deal about fake news in the last 18 months. One would think that “news” that was obviously fake would not survive long in the information age, but instead it seems to thrive. The hoax-checking site Snopes – which has itself been attacked (or satired, I supposed) by fake news sites – … More Confirmation Bias

Science and Nutrition

Despite our routine focus on medications, diet is profoundly important in maintaining overall health. Here are a couple of recent examples of articles that help reinforce the significance diet plays: Scientific American wrote about a key amino acid, Valine, and its potential role in helping with treatment of blood cancer without necessitating radiation or chemotherapy. … More Science and Nutrition

Energy Future?

The incoming presidential team made a recent inquiry into the Department of Energy, requesting information on individuals involved in climate research. This was taken as indication of a potential purge of personnel who might support an energy policy that assumes man-made climate change is real (as do the overwhelming majority of climate experts in the … More Energy Future?