Vote Blue

The gop doesn’t have any plans for any of the issues they bring up. The gop wants people that vote on the basis of grievance only. They can get people spun up and angry about a variety of topis without providing anything. It is disturbing how well the technique works. They blame Biden for inflation, … More Vote Blue

States’ Rights

I don’t really have that much commentary on the topic of “states’ rights,” but it’s more than a tweet’s worth, so a brief blog it is. The concept of states’ rights is derived from the 9th and 10th amendments to the US constitution, which state: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not … More States’ Rights

Both Sides-ism Lives

I have new stuff to write, but to fill the gap I have something from last year that continues to be relevant. “Both Sides” Re-re-boot Posted on July 18, 2021 by The View from the Armchair I’m sharing this again because it seems that there is far too much false equivalence going around. Keeping an … More Both Sides-ism Lives

No End in Sight for Gun Violence – July 4th Edition

Another day, another mass shooting here in the US. This time at a July 4th parade in Chicago. After Uvalde, we got some bipartisan legislation that doesn’t do much, followed by a SCOTUS decision the seeks to limit states’ abilities to rein in gin violence. Half-step forward, two steps back. Our previous writings, which sadly … More No End in Sight for Gun Violence – July 4th Edition

Quick Thoughts: Thank Goodness SCOTUS is Taking a Break

The current SCOTUS term ended 30 June, and they will be on break until 3 October. Thank goodness; we could use some mental rest before they finally fully destroy our representative democracy. And yes, the complete destruction is coming if we don’t take action to stop it. This term culminated in nearly two full weeks … More Quick Thoughts: Thank Goodness SCOTUS is Taking a Break

Spotify’s Values?

Spotify’s CEO recently gave a speech to employees regarding Spotify’s position on hosting the Joe Rogan Experience, especially given that many employees feel personally offended by Joe Rogan’s comments in his podcasts. Here is a link to the full text. I feel like covering a couple of elements. Selected quotes and my thoughts follow: “It … More Spotify’s Values?

MLK Day 2022

Below, italicized, is the full text of the 1963 address in Washington, DC. Although Dr. King was a proponent of non-violence, we should not be confused into believing non-violence was inaction. The struggle for civil liberties was a struggle of action as well as words, then and now. Our resurgent white supremacists, many of whom … More MLK Day 2022

Insurrection Day

It’s the anniversary of the MAGA insurrection; the attempted coup, during which far-right GOP legislators and the former president incited an angry mob to storm the Capitol, with the intent of disrupting the certification of the legitimate election of President Biden. I don’t live that far from the Capitol. I was genuinely worried about how … More Insurrection Day

Military Religious Exemptions to COVID Vaccine

I saw this story yesterday: Judge blocks Navy vaccine policy for legal challengers citing religious objections The gist is that a federal judge (in Texas, of course) is keeping the Navy from enforcing its vaccination policy with a group of service members (all SEALs), citing the fact that the Navy hasn’t approved any religious exemptions. … More Military Religious Exemptions to COVID Vaccine