What is “Bad?”

“Bad” is a somewhat nebulous, relativistic metric, and it is overused. The word “bad” doesn’t always properly articulate where a thing or an action is on the relative scale of acceptability. Examples:   A food item, when no longer edible, has gone bad. A poorly executed performance is bad. Shoplifting a small-end item is bad. … More What is “Bad?”

Policy and Facts

What is the relationship between fact and public policy? Or, what should be the relationship? It seems perfectly reasonable that factual information should inform policy recommendations and decisions. It follows, then, that policy recommendations that are not factually based should not move forward. It is therefore necessary that problems be correctly diagnosed prior to making … More Policy and Facts

Black and White

This is about nuance. It is also about racism. We are all too often prone to drawing hard distinctions within complex topics that require nuanced understanding. We see things in black and white, if you will, where many shades of grey should exist. The topic of free speech is one where there is room for … More Black and White

Trump on Transgender in the Military: When You Vote for a Bigot…

You get bigotry. Via his primary mechanism for delivering policy statements – Twitter – our POTUS this morning stated that he would ban transgender people from military service. In his tweets he said, “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that … More Trump on Transgender in the Military: When You Vote for a Bigot…

TX HB 3859: Codifying Religious Discrimination?

Two days ago Texas passed HB 3859, “relating to protection of the rights of conscience for child welfare services providers.” This bill is being panned as “patently discriminatory” bu the Human Rights Campaign and otehr civil rights groups. Some of the relevant text includes: Sec. 45.001.  LEGISLATIVE INTENT. It is the intent of the legislature … More TX HB 3859: Codifying Religious Discrimination?

“Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty”

I don’t know exactly what the verbiage for the “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty” executive order yet looks like. But, The Nation provided what they claimed was a leaked draft of the proposed order in February. The link will take you to the verbiage of the document, as it was understood in February, as … More “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty”


For people concerned with the trajectory of the US it is becoming ever more difficult to key the proverbial eye on the ball. Whether out of strategic intent as some postulate or out of near-deranged narcissism or dementia, Trump and company keep the hits coming to the point that journalists, pundits, and armchair bloggers can … More Distraction


President Trump’s address to Congress has a lot of people praising him for coming off more presidential. Van Jones, an outspoken critic of the president, even said that Trump “became the President of the United States” when Trump honored the wife of a fallen Navy SEAL. What utter nonsense. Irrespective of any words uttered during … More Presidential?

Does Trump Even Want to be President??? Chapter One: Assault on the First Amendment

I really wonder if the man wants the job. By all rights he should not have won the election (the people didn’t elect him, anyway), and it was clear from his initial reaction that he didn’t expect to win. He made ludicrous promises during the campaign with which he seems intent on attempting to follow … More Does Trump Even Want to be President??? Chapter One: Assault on the First Amendment