Gun Control, Part Three

This portion will discuss possible ways ahead to regulate guns in a way that minimizes risks, reduces the number of deaths, and maintains the right of individuals to own firearms as prescribed in the 2nd Amendment and subsequent court interpretations.   THE GOAL IS NOT TO BAN AND CONFISCATE ALL FIREARMS.   These are ideas … More Gun Control, Part Three

Gun Control, Part Two

Part one dealt with myths and misconceptions. Part two was to be some suggestions. That will wait until part three. Part two will instead focus on disingenuous arguments and lies. There are many. I can’t promise to be as dispassionate about some of these lies. Lets’ dive in. Gun control advocates want to ban and … More Gun Control, Part Two

Gun Control, Part One

Although some believe now is not the proper time to discuss gun control, the increasing number and severity of major incidents suggests that this conversation should have taken place long ago. We will attempt to look at this as dispassionately as possible, though to be clear we believe that better regulation of firearms is necessary … More Gun Control, Part One

Peurto Rico Assistance

On Puerto Rico, I’ll leave political punditry to the professionals. (After yesterday’s #unpresidented comments, I just can’t find the energy or words to respond.) However, they still need help. Last week PBS published an article with links to organizations that are providing aid, and through which we can assist (if we’re not physically able to … More Peurto Rico Assistance

Protest and Outrage

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
Is exercise of our rights to expression, speech and protest meaningful if the message is obscured? I ask because it seems that recent acts of protest – namely refusing to stand, or even kneeling during the playing of the national anthem – have been met with such…