UK Attacks and US Fear

Our thoughts are with the UK and London in particular after yesterday’s attacks, which represented the third major incident this year. Despite the tragedy, it is important to rationally reflect on what has transpired, and to avoid baseless fear-mongering. In the aftermath of this most recent attack we have seen many people, including figures of … More UK Attacks and US Fear

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has been around since the close of the Civil War (originally called Decoration Day). It has been a federal holiday since 1971, and is meant to honor those who died serving in the US military. Every year I observe some of what has been colloquially referred to as “Barbecue Shaming,” where we are … More Memorial Day

Travel Ban? Nope.

The President’s efforts to block immigration from certain countries met another roadblock today at the hands of the 4th Circuit Court. As reported by CBS: “Congress granted the president broad power to deny entry to aliens, but that power is not absolute. It cannot go unchecked when, as here, the president wields it through an … More Travel Ban? Nope.

Hypocrisy is a Bad Argument

Arguing that someone’s position is hypocritical is quite common. There are many opportunities for pointing out hypocrisy in public figures, as positions seem to readily change based on individual or party interests. There are times when the hypocrite label is unwarranted, such as if someone changes a position based on newly acquired information that indicates … More Hypocrisy is a Bad Argument

Does Donald Trump Even Want to be President? Part Two: Appearance of Impropriety

It has been an interesting week. While there were no shortage of complaints or accusations about President Trumps activities and affiliations previously (such as refusal to release tax returns, refusal divest interests including a DC hotel that foreign dignitaries have commented that it would be rude not to stay in, appointing family to key positions … More Does Donald Trump Even Want to be President? Part Two: Appearance of Impropriety

“You’re Fired”

President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, “effective immediately,” as reported by the New York Times and other news outlets. This is an interesting move. The NY Times reports: Memos released by the White House show that Rod J. Rosenstein, the newly sworn-in deputy attorney general, recommended that Mr. Comey be fired over how … More “You’re Fired”

American Healthcare Act

The House of Representatives approved their version of the AHCA bill this week. The next step is consideration in the Senate. There has already been a great deal of discussion about the bill and the assertions underpinning it. Politifact offers a consolidated look at some claims made by opponents of the PPACA, which largely don’t … More American Healthcare Act