Gina Haspel & “Enhanced Interrogation”

With Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the CIA, the issue of torture and its euphemistic term “enhanced interrogation” has resurfaced. Haspel ran one of the CIA’s secret prisons in Thailand in the wake of the September 11 2001 attacks. We’ve written about the legality and efficacy of coercive interrogation and torture before. Some, like Lindsay … More Gina Haspel & “Enhanced Interrogation”

The Art Of The Bluff

The recent news that North and South Korea are finally agreeing to end a 65-year-old conflict has many cheering and celebrating. President Trump is touting his toughness and his political base is calling for a Nobel Prize to be awarded for his efforts to bring the two sides to the table. How much credit does … More The Art Of The Bluff

Cold Coffee – The Starbucks Boycott Could Leave A Bad Taste In Our Mouths

Originally posted on Progressive Express:
Right from the start I have to make clear that the sudden leap to action from concerned citizens of good conscience was impressive.  The energy and force of activism was encouraging.  And the spirit of justice in the quest for racial equality was heart-warming and well-conceived.  But the Starbucks boycott…

Happy Easter 2018!

For some, today is a solemn holiday about resurrection and the power of God. For others, it is a season of rebirth, celebrated in relation to deities or simply nature. Many look forward to coloring and hiding eggs and gorging on candy. Some celebrate combinations of these things, and some don’t celebrate. Whatever your tradition, … More Happy Easter 2018!

March for Our Lives

I was unable to attend today’s March for Our Lives in DC. I am however, extraordinarily impressed with this new generation’s ability to get people moving on important issues, in this case the need for gun reform/improved firearm regulation. These youth have managed to rally people around the world, and we can expect them to … More March for Our Lives