When the axe falls

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When the axe came into the forest, the trees said, ‘The handle is one of us.’ Ancient Proverb The above quote is usually associated with a fable. There’s a Turkish version and a Macedonian version. Aesop penned one.  Sometimes it’s called the Woodsman and the Trees, sometimes it’s called…

Happy Easter

I was tempted to write something about the history of this holiday, through all of its various forms and traditions. I suppose that isn’t necessary. Anyone who is interested can do that research, and a piece like that always appears to be a shot at someone’s strongly held beliefs. Instead, let’s focus on the aspect … More Happy Easter

Syrian Civil War

Over the last six years the situation in Syria has continued to deteriorate, and the ever-worsening situation has had a far-reaching impact. The conflict led to the modern formation of the Islamic State (which has leadership and ideological ties back to Jamāʻat al-Tawḥīd wa-al-Jihād, founded in 1999); the worsening of the security situation in neighboring … More Syrian Civil War

The Russian Agenda?

The US Intelligence Community has been definitive in its assessment that Russia launched both propaganda efforts and cyber-attacks in an attempt to sway our elections in favor of Donald Trump.  Perhaps Trump’s sympathetic tone led the Russians to believe that he would be less meddlesome in Russian affairs, giving Putin and his administration a pass … More The Russian Agenda?

Confirmation Bias

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We’ve heard a great deal about fake news in the last 18 months. One would think that “news” that was obviously fake would not survive long in the information age, but instead it seems to thrive. The hoax-checking site Snopes – which has itself been attacked (or…

Raw Milk and Death

We have recently seen a small number of illnesses and two deaths due to Listeria in the US. The vector is believed to be cheese manufactured from raw milk.  This has reinvigorated debate about the general safety of raw milk and the benefits – or lack thereof – of drinking raw vs pasteurized milk. (Some … More Raw Milk and Death

Wiretapping? Nope.

Today Speaker Ryan and the Senate Intelligence Committee stated plainly that there was no evidence of wiretapping the President or anyone in Trump tower, either before or after the election, as reported by CNN and others. So this nonsense is put to rest, right? Nope. The White House persists with their baseless allegation, while continuing … More Wiretapping? Nope.

Travel Ban, Part 2

According to Fox news, a federal judge in Hawaii put the White House’s new travel ban on hold just before it would have gone into effect (at midnight tonight). Arguments for and against the ban have been ongoing in several states around the nation. The government argues that the ban no longer discriminates based on … More Travel Ban, Part 2

Healthcare, Part One

With the advent of an actual legislative effort to append (but not really repeal and replace) the PPACA (AKA “Obamacare”) it is worth examining the pros and cons of the ACA and the proposed legislation. The intent of the PPACA was to make healthcare more affordable overall and ensure more people are covered, including those … More Healthcare, Part One