16th Anniversary of the September 11 Terror Attacks in the US 

It has been 16 years since the towers fell, the Pentagon was damaged, and Flight 93 crashed en route to a fourth target. It has been nearly as long since the US first invaded Afghanistan, where US (and multinational) troops continue to fight.   The attacks carried significant emotional weight for the collective US psyche, … More 16th Anniversary of the September 11 Terror Attacks in the US 

Floods and Shoes

During the visit to Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey, there were  a few somewhat unkind discussions on social media and in the news referencing FLOTUS’s decision to wear stiletto heels to a disaster area. Admittedly, that seems out of synch with the reason for the visit, and functionally inappropriate for the flooded terrain. But, … More Floods and Shoes

Policy and Facts

What is the relationship between fact and public policy? Or, what should be the relationship? It seems perfectly reasonable that factual information should inform policy recommendations and decisions. It follows, then, that policy recommendations that are not factually based should not move forward. It is therefore necessary that problems be correctly diagnosed prior to making … More Policy and Facts

Black and White

This is about nuance. It is also about racism. We are all too often prone to drawing hard distinctions within complex topics that require nuanced understanding. We see things in black and white, if you will, where many shades of grey should exist. The topic of free speech is one where there is room for … More Black and White

I’m not a bigot, but…

Originally posted on The View from the Armchair:
When someone says, “I’m not a racist, but…” there is a 100% chance that the next utterance out of that person’s mouth will be racist. This is how people are starting to sound who say, “Voting for Trump doesn’t make me a bigot…” I suppose, technically, that…

RAISE Act: Blatantly Discriminatory

The POTUS endorsed a proposed bill today that would drastically revise decades-old immigration policy and limit immigration. The legislation will propose limits such as reducing avenues for permanent resident status for extended family members of citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents, giving preference to English-speakers, and reducing the number of immigrants allowed to enter. This will … More RAISE Act: Blatantly Discriminatory

Trump on Transgender in the Military: When You Vote for a Bigot…

You get bigotry. Via his primary mechanism for delivering policy statements – Twitter – our POTUS this morning stated that he would ban transgender people from military service. In his tweets he said, “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that … More Trump on Transgender in the Military: When You Vote for a Bigot…