Quick Thoughts: VP Pence is “Offended”

Pence says we should stop criticizing “Christian” schools that teach that people should be denied full citizenship or personhood on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. I disagree. Criticism is constitutionally protected, and Pence leveraging is position as Vice President to call for silencing criticism is arguably a violation of this constitutional principle. People … More Quick Thoughts: VP Pence is “Offended”

Policy and Facts

What is the relationship between fact and public policy? Or, what should be the relationship? It seems perfectly reasonable that factual information should inform policy recommendations and decisions. It follows, then, that policy recommendations that are not factually based should not move forward. It is therefore necessary that problems be correctly diagnosed prior to making … More Policy and Facts

TX HB 3859: Codifying Religious Discrimination?

Two days ago Texas passed HB 3859, “relating to protection of the rights of conscience for child welfare services providers.” This bill is being panned as “patently discriminatory” bu the Human Rights Campaign and otehr civil rights groups. Some of the relevant text includes: Sec. 45.001.  LEGISLATIVE INTENT. It is the intent of the legislature … More TX HB 3859: Codifying Religious Discrimination?