The Mueller Report

As of this writing, the full report from Special Counsel Mueller. We do have a letter from Attorney General Barr. There is lots of discussion and analysis – as well as both celebration and despondency – over Barr’s letter. Here are some things to consider. Barr’s letter does not provide an exoneration of the President, … More The Mueller Report

Electoral College

The discussion over the electoral college has been reinvigorated with Elizabeth Warren coming out in opposition to it. I’ll plagiarize myself below with my thoughts on the EC overall. In short, I don’t see a need for it, and I am not persuaded by the arguments in favor of keeping it. However, none of that … More Electoral College


Senator Susan Collins of Maine recently complained about a crowd-funding effort to influence her to vote “no” on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Although the group is not offering money to her directly – instead the plan to use their money to support an opposition candidate if she votes yes –she … More Bribery

State of the Union

President Trump gave the State of the Union address last night, summing up his first year. It was, predictably, full of exaggerations and outright lies. Even many of the true statements require additional context, which makes the somewhat misleading. Here’s a link to Politifact’s fact check of the address. Here’s a link to a transcript … More State of the Union

The Trump Brand

There is a growing list of retail outlets that are choosing to no longer carry Trump brand products, or in some cases no choosing to promote the brand. In this case we’re speaking to Ivanka Trump’s products. The President has unsurprisingly been very vocal about the lines choosing to part ways with his daughter’s products, … More The Trump Brand